Getting it Right the First Time

Backyard / Poolscaping

Bring your indoors, out ! Increase your living space and create a comfortable and relaxing area to enjoy day and night for many years to come. Backyards, especially when outfitted with a pool, bring people together. The pool surroundings can be constructed in many different ways using many different products and techniques. Utilizing different material within the project adds a multi dimensional surround. Gazebos, hand milled live edge bar tops, televisions and lighting lend themselves, morphing your backyard pool area into an oasis of your desire. Your options are endless!

Front Yard / Entrance Ways

entranceNatural stone creates depth, while carrying the ability to cater to either a more rustic or simplistic environment. Natural Stone comes in a wide variety of colours, shapes, and sizes. Proper colour, size and placement of the material, is paramount in order to receive the desired look and or feeling within the specified area. Man made material (interlock, brick) is more uniform which can pair perfectly with natural stone. Mixing colours within the same interlock material is a great option to add interest and can easily provide you a less uniform look. Adding different types of brick to create such things as borders is also a supplementary way to add interest when using man made materials.

Garden Beds, Fire Pits & Water Features

Plant choice and strategic placement is what will pull all aspects together meanwhile providing shade, colour and additional focal points.

Gardens with proper planting can have blooms throughout the summer. It will add colour along with the beauty and fragility of nature. This balanced by the harsh and strong stance stone provides making it a beautiful combination which accentuates the inherit beauty of each product.

Fire pits create ambiance along with designated gathering areas. Enjoy your outdoor living space throughout even the colder months.

Water Features are conjointly a focal point and convey a sense of calm. Such features pair great with other aspects to create different layers of interest in multiple areas.